An Anniversary Not to Forget

We just had our four year anniversary, August 22nd! We can’t believe how fast time has flown by and how many things have happened in those four years! From graduating college, having a baby, traveling Europe and Central America, to now living in Nicaragua. As the rain loudly pours on our tin roof we longingly look back at our pictures from our anniversary at beautiful San Jan Del Sur.

San Juan Del Sur is pretty touristy, but we were excited for its sandy beaches that were only about an hour away from our house. First we checked out a few hotels until we found the one we liked the most. We had to walk across a bridge to get to it. It was beautiful, had a pool, and was only steps out  to the ocean.

When we got into our room Bella and Daddy found a cute little guest! It was so tiny and we found them everywhere.

Once we found our hotel…we were off to the beach!!! And Isabella could not get enough of it! Totally a water baby (like her Mama). She loved playing in the sand, but it was hard getting her out of the water. Isabella wanted us to swim far out to the waves and would not even care if she got splashed in the face. (A few days after this, we got her arm floaties so she can be more independent in the water!)

Phillip wanted to write about our anniversary in the sand, but either the waves or Miss Bella would try to “help” and we would have to start over.

Lovin’ the beach, lovin’ life, love these two girls!

We had pizza for lunch…which was amazing! Phillip said it was the first pizza in years that has reminded him of true Italian pizza. Sadly while Phillip was getting pizza, someone stole his wallet out of our car. This made for a little more stressful of an anniversary than we anticipated.

We were quite frustrated, but with the beautiful scenery and giggling little girl with us…we tried to look on the bright side and were grateful for all the blessings we have.

Since we didn’t have money for dinner, the nice hotel owners made us sandwiches! We were sure grateful and were reminded that even though there are people in the world who hurt others…there are also people are willing to lend a hand when others are in need.

The hotel was so fun, this was our view! They had a parrot that would screech “HOLA” to everyone and while Isabella and Angie were in the pool, it came up to them and let them touch her (it tried to bite Isabella so she didn’t like it very much after that). The pool was so fun and Isabella didn’t mind being in her bathing suit all day while we went from ocean, to pool, and then back to the pool.

Even though life may throw us curveballs as long as you are by my side…we can get through anything. Here’s to many more years together! Happy Anniversary!