About Us

We’re just a “normal” family of six that loves being together, traveling, learning of new cultures, and serving others.


Our Story

I grew up in Mapleton, Utah and Angie grew up in Fallbrook, California. We met in March 2009. We starting hanging out the next month in April, become friends in May, dated in June, got engaged in July and we were married in August ❤️

A year and a half later we bought our first duplex and the next year we bought another. In 2013 with income from our duplexes (+ a house I bought when I was 18) and a small income from a business that I could run remotely we made our first international move to Nicaragua with our two year old daughter.

Over the next 6 years our love of travel and being together as a family deepened as we explored 30+ countries.

For over 10 years of marriage every major decision we’ve made about careers, purchases, hobbies, etc was made to give ourselves flexibility and freedom and the means to move our family abroad. We travel for experience and so we can grow. We travel to help others though sustainable humanitarian efforts and church service. And we travel for fun.

Join us on our next adventure as we navigate the challenges of living in a new country, learning a new language, homeschooling our kids for the first time, all during a global pandemic in AFRICA.

Bella (9) – Phillip – Michael (4) – Angelina – Rosie (1) – Tony (6)