A New Life… No, a Real Adventure!

Big announcement everybody! We are moving! We have already moved a couple times in our marriage, but have never moved out of Springville. This time we want to make a bigger change so we are moving out of the state…and country!

We are headed to Nicaragua. Where is Nicaragua you might ask? Just south of Honduras which is south of Guatemala, south of Mexico.

We aren’t exactly sure where in Nicaragua we want to end up but instead have picked a general area.

If you know any cities in Nicaragua, they are probably first, Managua (the capitol), then Granada (major tourist destination). Granada and Managua are only about 40 kilometers from each other. Our plan is to get a hotel room in Granada and look around for an apartment in the surrounding areas. Right now we kind of have our hearts set on a small town 15 minutes outside Granada called Diriomo. Diriomo is a rural community (pictured above). It is only minutes away from Apoyo Lagoon.

Years and years ago Apoyo Volcano erupted and left a huge 5 mile wide crater that gradually filled with water. This lake pictured is totally surrounded by the old crater wall. From our little bit of research, and after talking to people who have been there, the lagoon makes for an awesome spot to go swimming and to just relax. There is still an active volcano at the western shore of the lagoon.

Now, if we get tired of going to Apoyo Lagoon or Lake Nicaragua (the largest lake in Central America) then we could always go to the beach! There are many beaches within an hour’s drive. Take a look at this next picture and you’ll never have another need to wonder why we are leaving…

The bay of fishermen or “paradise bay” is located right next to San Juan del Sur (like 3 miles). Famous for fishing, boat rides, surfing, diverse variety of sea birds and tropical trees, and what my wife is really excited about… TURTLE NESTING!

So my question to you is… Do you think we are crazy to leave our “comforts” of home… or do you want to come visit us?